About us


Yogeswari Preshant

With an impressive array of ventures under her belt, Yogeswari Preshant strives to not only wisen young minds, but to also excel in her role as a leading entrepreneur, this siren is no stranger to the call of others. A nurturer by day, she seeks to enrich the lives of her students with ingeniously avant-garde teaching techniques. By night, her creativity springs forth as she puts pen to paper – between successfully authoring books in both Tamil and English, envisioning bold innovations for 3 of Cups and her other philanthropic contributions to the Arts in Singapore. Much like her go-to potion of choice, The Hermit, she listens to the voice within to guide her with growth and finesse.

Shamini Ishwara Dass

Shamini Ishwara Dass portrays service and excellence unlike any other. Her poised disposition is honed from over 20 years of service in international airline carriers, leading her team with a robust and flourishing hand. Her passport stamps are merely a token of her extensive wanderlust, travelling far and wide to become quite the wine connoisseur – in addition to reaching out to people from all walks of life and learning of their cultures and cuisines. Her keen eye to detail is unparalleled, even as she masterfully maneuvers between her current role as a Brand Development Manager in the Education Industry and as co-owner of 3 of Cups. Her saccharine nature is much like her favourite go-to thirst quencher, The Empress, both richly dulcet, yet packing a serious punch.