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3 Of Cups

Nestled amongst the double-storey shophouses of Singapore’s historically-rich Haji Lane, the story of your journey with 3 Of Cups begin. Just beyond lies an opulent yet cosy bar featuring vibrant decor, a relaxing atmosphere and special in-house tarot reading on weekends.

Nourish your company by drawing exclusive cards from our tarot deck, each card representing a signature potent drink with a backstory, crafted superbly by our attentive bar staff. Enjoy a bite or two with our twist of Asian-infused dishes, each curated to represent aspects of our Asian culture through fresh ingredients and invigorating flavour profiles.

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Throw your inhibitions to the wind and let the cards dictate your journey with us. The divine voices shed light on your personality of the night. Are you an enlightened one like our Hermit, or seeking inspiration like the Star? Is the world rose-tinted and romantic as Lovers, or rich and powerful as our Emperor? Does the Moon call for your soul, or are you ready to dance with our Devil? The fate sisters hold your cards in their hands, are you ready to find out what you are?

Food Menu

Food is the language all understand, but few savor. We invite you to inhale the magical world of Asia on your tongue. Each dish complements your tasting journey, bestowing you with wonderful juxtapositions – from the velvety heartiness of our Witch’s Stew, to the delicate creaminess of Empress Prawns. Seek cooler juicy pleasures with our Devil’s Pork or the deliciously piping Dark Wings. Pair your poison of choice with any one of these succulent dishes, and luxuriate in a tantalizing evening ahead.